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With Sirius Act Push Buttons and Indicator Lights from Siemens, users can choose from four different design lines to suit particular tastes and requirements, including plastic, plastic with metal front ring, shiny metal or matte metal, flat.

Modern push buttons and signaling devices up to IP69K

There is complete freedom of choice, as one orders the actuator, the holder and the LED/contact module as separate items. The freedom to combine products ensures maximum flexibility, as resellers can stock them individually as required.

Sellers and contractors quote just one article number to order all three of the elements needed to create a functional unit. This helps to save time, effort as well as money when ordering products for common applications.

Compact form is available for some units, i.e. the electronic circuitry is pre-assembled so that user do not need to order the holder, contact module or LED module as separate items. Customised configurations can then be created (special lockings, enclosure configurations, inscriptions) using the intuitive SIRIUS ACT configurator (

A key characteristic of these rugged, high-quality products is their ease of assembly with numerous advantages for the user:

• Innovative snap-on concept: All components snap on without the need for tools – even in a slanting position; integrated lever for release.

• Easy removal: Simply press the release lever to remove the holder.

• Simple installation: Fast fixation on the plate with a screwdriver (no special tools needed).

• Visual mounting Indicator: Align the arrows to correctly mount the components.

• Stacking contact blocks: Up to three modules can be plugged together side-by-side, each with two contact blocks plugged onto one another.

• Groove-free milled hole: Easy insertion of components without aligning anti-twist lugs.

• Easy-to-see module slots: Fault-free connection of modules even when contact blocks are stacked.

• 100% twist prevention: Twist-proof holding by screw fixation even if the hole is not perfectly milled.

• Sirius Act standard units become communication-capable devices by snapping communication-capable terminal modules onto the standard holder and using them together with a standard or safety interface module. Installation is easy, no special tools are required, just a screwdriver.



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