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The Fluke CNX from Comtest is a customisable, troubleshooting tool set of wireless test tools that work together, recording live measurements remotely and simultaneously on a single screen. CNX Modules measure ac voltage, temperature and ac current with a standard clamp or flex clamp.

Comtest FlukeCNX recordable wireless test tool systemPossible applications include:

* Detection of power interruptions

* Single phase measurement

* Determining current imbalance

* Measurement of incoming current

A wireless multimeter displays readings from up to three wireless modules, plus the meter measurement at the same time, on the same screen, from as far as 20 m away. To get a holistic overview of the situation, readings from 10 tool measurements can be reviewed simultaneously on PC View. Users are able to mix and match the wireless-enabled modules to suit their measurement needs.

The CNX system can record up to 65 000 sets of min/max/avg readings in either single or multiple logging sessions. CNX isolates intermittent events or records signal fluctuations automatically, using the module’s log function. Measurements can be viewed in a location separate from the point of measurement, for safety purposes, and be viewed repeatedly from either remote locations or on-site. Fluke CNX meets Category 1000 V CAT III and Category IV 600 V safety standards.

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