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You wouldn’t bring dull, broken, tools to a job, would you? Then why are electrical contractors inclined to ignore a sore back? So many electricians take a beating from the job’s long hours and physical challenges and, instead of doing minor things to improve wellness, they ignore the pain and press on. Over time, this die-hard attitude causes their health to suffer, which directly affects their ability to do their jobs. Listed below are the top three serious health issues electrical contractors’ experience:

Lower back pain

Three potential health problems electricians faceThe most common complaint a tradesman has is that his or her lower back aches. Electricians lift heavy objects, squeeze into tight spaces, and spend huge amounts of time on their feet. Just one of these activities would put pressure on the lumbar region, but electricians do all three, and more, on any given job. The older people get and the more time they have on the job, the greater the risk for back injury and chronic back pain.

How you can prevent it: Build core strength by doing lunges, leg lifts, side planks, and hip bridges. See a chiropractor or physiotherapist to help recover from injury, reduce stiffness, improve mobility, and decrease pain.



Electricians have demanding schedules and because of intense workloads many are just too tired to exercise regularly. This in turn, can cause weight gain. In addition to a less active lifestyle, many electricians eat on the go. A job is across town and starts at 6 am. They head to a breakfast spot, grab a coffee and a bacon and egg roll. They work until 12 pm, then head to another job. On the way, they get a takeaway.

They go to the next job. By the time they are done at 6 pm they are so tired they eat whatever is on offer. Does this sound familiar? Electricians tend to eat unhealthy food options, largely because they are running around and need fuel to make it through the day. Between a lacklustre exercise regimen and a poor diet, electricians can become prone to obesity, which increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

How you can prevent it: Prepare a meal in advance and pack it into a lunchbox that is taken to every job. The more available healthy food is, the more likely you are to eat it. Minimise how much fried food, sweet food, and alcohol you consume. Also, do some stretching before you go to work and try to exercise three times a week after work.


Heart disease

It has been reported that veteran tradesmen are more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease or stroke. In particular, strokes are most common in male workers over the age of 55 who are current or former smokers. Work stress, noise, second-hand smoke, and particulate matter exposure negatively impact trade workers.

How you can prevent it: If you’re a smoker, get medical treatment to help you quit. If you’re not a smoker, try to avoid second-hand smoke. Wear protective gear to minimise exposure to

particulate matter. All this is easier said than done, but these tips will help to prevent injury and illness, develop a healthy lifestyle, and sustain your ability to work.


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