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In August this year, the inaugural iSA Lighting Trend Show gathered the best Chinese lighting manufacturers to showcase their wares and network with the South African lighting industry.

Ange Hua, from organisers iSA Lighting Trend Show, says that, “For us, it was good a good experience. We are different to other exhibitions as we only focus on lighting, so we are learning the local market.”

While the show was professionally put together with a number of breath-taking stands, more feet were probably expected. Yet it seems that it was a case of quality over quantity as many of the prominent players in the South African lighting industry were seen across the two days, and for iSA Lighting Trend Show, the exhibitors, especially the bigger companies used to attending such shows, saw many positives. “Many deals have already been signed,” explains Hua. “On the first day we had a customer who came all the way from Kenya specifically for the show who signed contracts with a few of the suppliers.”

iSA Lighting Trend Show overview

As a sign of intent, iSA Lighting Trend Show have already booked a larger exhibition space for the same time in 2019 with the vision to double its size. “We will come back year by year, making it bigger and bigger,” states Hua.

He notes that this first show was a learning curve and that maybe some products which were showcased are not suitable for the South African market right now. “For the professional exhibitors though, they are very confident of future orders from the contacts they have made. For future events we will, however, look at inviting more dealers, buyers and franchisors. We are very excited about the market in Africa and want to look at inviting neighbouring country buyers to come next year as well. If we achieve our targets, our show will be the best you can find.”

Stands at the show

“We will be bringing many manufacturers from around the world to South Africa as we see huge potential in this market. Most of the exhibitors at the show are suppliers to famous international brands, and we look forward to introducing them to a new market in Africa,” concludes Hua.

iSA Lighting Trend Show allows visitors to explore all facets of lighting at the show. “We showcase everything from ceiling and pendant lighting to floor and table lights, including the latest in decorative LED commercial items. If you have particular lighting requirements, or are working on a special project, you will be able to connect with the right suppliers at this exhibition.

Lighting innovations seen at iSA Lighting Trend Show

The show took place at the Sandton Convention Centre on August 16 and 17, from 10 am to 5 pm. Spread over 4 000 square metres with over 90 exhibitors focusing on decorative lighting, LED lamps, outdoor lighting and solar lighting, the show hosted stands by, amongst others, Kinglong Lighting, Victory Lighting, Aoqi Lighting, Paradise Lighting, Fulhao Lighting, Ka Yuen Lighting, Ametaline Lighting, Hamlon Lighting, Mani Lighting, iMade Lighting, Langin Lighting, Sunfree Lighting, D&L Lighting, Dahen Lighting, KingLong Lighting, YueFeng Lighting and JinPai Streetlamp.



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