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Award winning engineering solutions provider Boulting has released an infographic detailing ten top tips for engineers who are carrying out electrical refurbishments. The infographic highlights the most important aspects of the refurbishment process and educates plant managers about the importance of each stage.

The infographic is free to download from the Boulting website,

Ten steps to a successful electrical refurbEvery piece of electrical equipment in a plant requires regular maintenance and refurbishment. There is no one-size-fits-all process for refurbishment since all plants, and the equipment inside them, are different. The areas of consideration, however, remain the same. 

Boulting understands that, regardless of a project’s scale, a tried and tested refurbishment protocol is essential to ensuring successful completion of a project and a site that remains safe at all times. Its new infographic allows engineers to share in its wealth of knowledge and experience by providing ten key areas to consider before beginning an electrical refurbishment. Topics in the infographic include surveys, impact of downtime and the importance of having a contingency plan.

“Electrical refurbishments are an integral part of our business and we are proud of our reputation of executing these complicated jobs to an extremely high standard,” says Paul Meagh, electrical and instrumentation director at Boulting.

“The maintenance of electrical equipment is often overlooked, but it is essential for the equipment to be operating as efficiently as possible in order to ensure running costs are minimised and to extend the life of existing assets.

“Asset life extension is a concept that is popular with plant engineers, who wish to have long intervals between replacing equipment. As their current equipment has already been purchased and commissioned, and is often working without fault, our aim is to keep the equipment in use for as long as realistically possible. Regular maintenance and effective refurbishment are crucial aspects of this,” concludes Meagh.  



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