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ONESTO is a Sino-European joint venture company that boasts fully automated production and testing systems. All ONESTO products are manufactured in accordance with international standards and the company is internationally recognised as a high quality and reliable brand which is now available in 20 global markets.

High quality and long lasting protection

ONESTO’s circuit breakers offer protection against overloads and short circuits caused by lightning strikes, electrical surges or load shedding, and thus provide a vital safeguard against fires and electric shocks. ONESTO’s thermal magnetic overcurrent limiting design provides fast short circuit interruption which reduces the energy let through in time to prevent damage to the protected circuit, connected equipment and appliances.

MCE Electric supplies a complete range of ac and dc miniature DIN rail mounted ONESTO circuit breakers which are approved in accordance with the IEC 60947-2 and IEC 60898 standards. Available with C or D trip curve characteristics, they are suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Single pole, two-pole, three-pole and four-pole models are available, rated up to 125 A with optional 3 kA, 6 kA and 10 kA breaking capacities.

ONESTO circuit breakers are designed and manufactured with high quality and reliable long lasting protection in mind.



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