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Sparks Electrical News November 2018Nompilo Vilakazi, owner of Sibani Holdings, was the highest achiever in the 2018 Eskom Contractor Academy. With an average of 89%, Vilakazi topped the class, which had a total of 176 graduates, all of whom were either Eskom contractors or suppliers, or entrepreneurs who had participated in other Eskom initiatives.

Among other things, Vilakazi’s company undertakes electrical connections, MV/LV line construction, pole changing/installations, electrical maintenance, and safety campaigns. The company is based in Hillcrest, near Ethekwini and mainly services Eskom across KwaZulu-Natal. Twenty eight year old Vilakazi started the company in 2014 and also uses it to promote on  of her biggest passions, youth development and empowerment. Currently studying towards her Business Management degree at Mancosa, the ambitious Vilakazi knows the importance of empowering herself first before she can help other young people by motivating and creating jobs for them.

She says the Contractor Academy helped enrich and broaden her knowledge. “I’m happy to be the best student in my class but more than anything else, I hope this excellence can spill into my business. As a young entrepreneur running a small business, I need to be able to plan the execution of my projects well and also know my way around the project and financial management side of things. The course really helped in reminding me how important that is, and it is going to help me grow the business.”

In this issue, Sparks Electrical News focusses on Cables and Cable Accessories, Standby and Emergency Power, and Lighting.

Personality of the Month

With over two decades in the industry, Marcel Kelly, Sales Engineer at Woodbeam, a local company delivering substation protection, metering, auxiliary relaying, SCADA, and automation  and Ethernet networking systems and solutions, still enjoys working in the evolving, dynamic environment that is the electrical industry.

Labour issues

In South Africa, stringent Labour Laws have created something of a minefield for employers to navigate when it comes to disciplinary procedures. While protecting the rights of the employee is paramount, employers who are not completely up to date with the relevant legislation could find themselves in hot water.

40 years of BEKA Schréder

BEKA Schréder (Pty) Ltd commenced operations in 1978 in Namibia, a country with one of the most corrosive climates in the world. “We at BEKA Schréder wish to convey our sincerest gratitude to our customers for their unwavering support as we celebrate our 40-year anniversary,” says BEKA Schréder General Manager, Wimpie Ludwick. “BEKA Schréder has been supplying high-performing, energy-efficient and high quality lighting solutions since 1978. When our company was founded with just eight employees, we could not have foreseen our growth would evolve into a company with a staff exceeding 350 personnel.”

Buyers Guide

The November Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services for Standby and Emergency Power.

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