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Better to spend wisely

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I struggle to understand why major companies and prominent people keep stating the obvious as years muddle by and nothing really changes. Just last month, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) – a major auditing and advisory company –made the pronouncement that raising the fuel levy would be more beneficial and less destructive to the South African economy.

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Mining erosion of skills, not soil

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We were once the World Cup Champions of mining. Now more and more international companies are looking to abandon their South African operations and focus on more lucrative mining projects elsewhere in Africa, South Africa and Australia.

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Yet again the government education officials have hailed the matriculation pass rate in South African schools as being a victory for education systems, school pupils and teachers.

Basic Education Minister, Angie Mothshekga hailed the results (with a pass rate of 73,9%) as being an excellent reflection of the exceptional work that teachers and pupils are doing.

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More than R7-billion is due to be spent by government on revitalising and rebuilding District Six but as with so many of these large-scale infrastructure developments, it just seems to take more and more time.

As things stand the rebuilding of District Six should have started a few years back but consistent delays have seen the project start, falter, halt, start again then splutter some more.

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Pilgrim’s Rest is a great little village with a history that dates back well over a hundred years when it was home to colourful characters like Wheelbarrow Patterson or Mathias Mocket, better known as The Bosun who’d been a seaman and knew how to cook.

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Sometimes it’s the really small things in life that have an enormous impact on individuals, businesses and employees all over the world and, very often, it’s the last solution to a problem too.

Two separate events caught my eye this week and both of them were so silly that I thought it worth recording in the light of the widespread corruption, horrific rapes and ever-present criminality that dominates all media reports in South Africa at the moment.

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You might like to remember Zozo township

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Maybe a group of pensioners living outside East London needs to be taken more seriously by the South African community-at-large because instead of sitting back and whingeing and whining all day, they are setting an example that thousands of other South Africans could follow – most especially the young, unemployed layabouts of our suburbs, cities and satellite townships.

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Land claims and renewable energy

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With the many new renewable energy companies actively starting to get their new power plants going, several property experts seem concerned that land claims – over land where these power stations are built – could hamper the delivery of power and scupper power generation in later years.

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Why not use alternative building methods?

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Just about everybody even remotely involved in the construction industry is aware that the government is planning a huge roll-out of infrastructure as it sets about spending R840-billion on improving our roads, houses, townships and railways in South Africa.

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Community action is so much more productive and sensible than the violent and angry protests that tend to dominate any service delivery issues in South Africa.  These violent outbreaks are characterised by looting, hooliganism, damage to property, loss of life and even the destruction of entire trains, trucks or buses.

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