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MechChem Africa May front coverWe visit the Cummins Master Rebuild Centre (MRC) for our lead maintenance article and in his column, Mario Kuisis talks about how to shift from predictive protection to proactive maintenance. Glencore Technologies heads up our Material handling feature; Corrosion is carried by a piece from sassda and Gary Crawford’s Tracking industrial trends column about corrosion on bridges; SMC’s refrigerated dryers feature for HVAC; and we present a powdered activated carbon treatment solution from Flexicon in the Water and Wastewater feature.

On the cover: Butterfly valve triples life in cement application

Francois van der Merwe of Gemü Valves Africa talks about a successful application of its butterfly valves. Read more...


Comment: Water distress and our distracted response

Peter Middleton questions the disproportionate response in South Africa to Eskom and nuclear issues and compares them to the muted response to our potentially more damaging water woes. Read more...


SAIChE News: Mine water and the alarming water situation in SA

We summarise Mariette Liefferink’s excellent presentation about the state of water in SA and the limitations of our approach to acid mine drainage. Read more...


Plant maintenance, lubrication and filtration

Zero hour high horsepower engine remanufacturing: Cummins

MechChem Africa tours the Cummins MRC and talks to its leader, Patrick Mohale. Read more...

Turnkey filtration system for cement plant: ACTOM  Click to read in the online magazine.

Cost-efficient grease solutions for SA’s sugar mills: I-CAT  Click to read in the online magazine.

High quality, virgin process oil range  Click to read in the online magazine.

Inferno raises need for fire prevention  Click to read in the online magazine.

Latest dual-laser portable alignment kit  Click to read in the online magazine.

Mario on maintenance: From ‘predictive protection’ to predictive maintenance: Martec Read more...


Materials handling

Maximum value minerals processing

MechChem Africa talks to Cedric Walstra of Glencore Technology about high-recovery, high-efficiency processing equipment from the technology side of Glencore's business. Read more...

HMA Group establishes African presence: Uretech/HMA  Click to read in the online magazine.

Topless tower crane technology: SA French/Potain  Click to read in the online magazine.

Focus needed on optimising transfer points: Weba Chute Systems Click to read in the online magazine.

Turnkey new crushing plant: Osborn Click to read in the online magazine.


Corrosion control and coatings

Promise of stainless steel undermined

The South African Stainless Steel Development Association (sassda) is fighting to uphold industry standards and be a voice for best practice. Read more...

Corrosion protection against hazardous fuels: Kansai Plascon  Click to read in the online magazine.

Tracking industrial trends: Bridges, corrosion and lifecycle cost thinking  Read more..


Heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning

Refrigerated air dryers safeguard against condensation

Recognising the importance of correctly prepared compressed air, SMC Pneumatics strives to provide quality air dryers to combat moisture. Read more...

Rapid sauce-cooling technology: Afrox  Click to read in the online magazine.

Complete ventilation solutions in SA  Click to read in the online magazine.


Water and wastewater processing

Mobile discharging of PAC from bulk bags helps solve pesticide overload

A number of powder activated carbon (PAC) water treatment works in the UK now incorporate mobile powder handling and carbon dosing systems from Flexicon.  Read more...

Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP) to launch in SA  Click to read in the online magazine.


Special report

Vacuum Technique: a fifth business line

MechChem Africa talks to Atlas Copco’s Sofiane Kerfali and Willem Brits, Southern African representative for Industrial Vacuum. Read more...


Innovative engineering

Bloodhound: an engineering and educational adventure

Christopher Maxwell from Bloodhound SSC presents the technology behind the first 1 000 mph car: Altair. Read more...


Product and industry news

Stories news from: Poweremite, ThyssenKrupp, Krohne, Altair, Martec, BMG and Countapulse Controls. Click to read in the online magazine.


Back page: Cassini’s last brush with Titan

Nassa’s Cassini spacecraft begins its final set of 22 orbits around Saturn. Click to read in the online magazine.

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