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ElectricityandControl March 2017A fascinating story about an upgrade of the water treatment and water supply system in Samara, Russia, is worth the read in Electricity+Control’s March 2017 issue. Similar upgrades are necessary in South Africa’s cities where ageing equipment could do with replacing. The software solution described could prevent the looming water disaster in our country! Do you know that the Department of Water and Sanitation estimates that R7-billion in potable water is lost annually (36% of the clean drinking water supply)? So, let’s take a lesson from Samara before it is simply too late.

We look at the concept of ‘Smart Factory’ with three capabilities – Remote monitoring, Predictive maintenance and Process optimisation.

The author of the Cables’ article shares his vast knowledge of how they have developed and evolved over the years.

The Identification and Recovery of Waste Heat is an insightful article which includes a case study on a thermoelectric generator for an industrial application.

All this … and so much more.

Wendy Izgorsek

Editor, Electricity+Control

Email ec@crown.co.za


  • Control systems + automation

Pumping Station Optimisation: Saves Energy, Reduces Leaks, Reduces TCO

Detlef Koffke, Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, Factory Automation

Innovative software-driven process optimisation upgrades the water and supply system in Samara, Russia.

Automated Manufacturing of Mortise and Tenon Joints

Information provided by Beckhoff

Control platform solution in the automatic manufacture of mortise and tenon joints.

The Smart Factory is Here

Insights from the experts at Banner Engineering, supplied by RET Automation Controls

Smart factories are an important part of the Internet of Things.

  • Hazardous areas + safety

Risk of Prioritising Security Over Fire Safety

Michael van Niekerk, ASP Fire

The ‘automatic mist system’ is a new development in fire prevention.

  • Plant maintenance, test + measurement

Evolution of MV Power Cables and Accessories up to 36 kV: Part 2

Patrick O’Halloran, City Power Johannesburg

Continuing the discussion on the evolution of MV power cables over the last century.

  • Temperature measurement

Identification and Recovery of Waste Heat

Shaveen Maharaj, Durban University of Technology

Converting waste heat into electrical power has great potential within the industrial sector.

  • Drives, motors + switchgear

Service-oriented Drive Deployments Improve VSD Driveline Uptime

Philippe Hampikian, Schneider Electric

How VSDs can be utilised as smart devices that help to monitor system performance.



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