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Electricity and Control March 2018

The tide has turned!

A week or two of ‘dominoes’ … that’s what it has been. Dominoes, falling … one by one – from the President of South Africa to the corrupters at the core of the downfall of Eskom and other state-owned enterprises. The tide has turned and yes, it had to come sometime. What is concerning is that the older generation (largely) has had to return to right the wrongs of the wrong-doers who fall in the much younger category. Just saying.

Yet, in the midst of political chaos, large industry seems to forge ahead, regardless. We have several articles in the March 2018 issue of Electricity+Control, proving just that … and I have no doubt that the political manoeuvres of the past fortnight or so, have been welcomed by one and all!

So, there’s every reason to have an excellent March!

Wendy Izgorsek

Editor, Electricity+Control

Tel. +27 (0) 11 622 4770



Electricity+Control, March 2018 – Articles


  • Drives, motors + switchgear

Reduce Costs by Fixing Electrical and Motor Problems in Factories

Information provided by Fluke Corporation

Detecting and correcting failing connections avoids shutdowns, dangerous machine conditions and fires. However, visual inspection is not enough!

A Visit to JB Switchgear Solutions

We spent a couple of hours with Johan Basson, JB Switchgear Solutions MD – and we asked what makes his company so successful.


  • Temperature measurement

System Draws Power from Daily Temperature Swings

David L. Chandler, MIT News Office

Technology developed at MIT can harness temperature fluctuations of many kinds to produce electricity.


  • Industry 4.0 and IIoT

Sigfox Partnership, IIoT and Smart Cities

Dave Wibberley, Adroit Technologies

The perfect software platform to achieve the integration required for a ‘Smart City’ and an obvious choice for cities wishing to start the journey to ‘SMART’.

Future-Proof Industrial Networks

Michael Bowne, PI North America

Many questions arise when a new automation system is specified. But does anyone ask: Which industrial network should I choose?

Autonomous Food Robots Move with the Times

Victor Marques, Omron Electronics

How smart mobile robots are adapting to meet future food factory requirements.


  • Plant maintenance, test + measurement

Consider FULL PICTURE when Selecting, Sizing Transformers

Ronaldo Bertoldi, WEG Transformers Africa (WTA)

While the sizing of a transformer for a particular application can be worked out using a simple equation, there are many other factors that also need to be taken into account when making a selection.

Advancing the Rotating Machine Industry to 4.0

Keagan Smith, PREI Instrumentation

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution where real time technology service and solutions enable companies to translate acquired data into actionable results.

Using Fuel Catalysts to Improve Efficiency of Plant and Equipment

John Alexander, Eco Catalyst Reformers

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst It is a true catalyst which by definition causes one or more chemical reactions but does not participate in them. Because it does not participate in the reaction, unlike additives, it is not consumed in the reaction and thus lasts for years after initial installation.


  • Hazardous areas + safety

Ready for the Real Thing: Fire Simulation System Supports Firefighter Training

Ralf Stachelhaus, Beckhoff Automation

‘With our fire simulation system for the State Fire Academy in Würzburg, we have achieved an unprecedented level of automation’.


  • Energy management + environmental engineering

Sustainable Energy and Electrifying the Transport Sector

Carel Snyman, Energy Consultant

Should the energy supply to the transport sector change from liquid fuels to electricity, the energy efficiency of transport work will improve at least by four times or 400%.



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