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Shell’s latest bulk grease delivery truck provides a one-stop filling solution to mining customers to ensure that lubricants can be dispensed on site and accurately recorded, saving both time and reducing cost of ownership.

Shell unveils latest bulk grease delivery trucks

As a major influencer in the mining sector, Shell has further enhanced its offerings with the introduction of its latest bulk grease delivery trucks aimed at greatly reducing the downtime of mining equipment. The innovative offering will eliminate lubricant contaminations during maintenance procedures, and concurrently removing the stock carrying burden from customers.

Having gained valuable experience over the better part of a decade, the learnings gathered from the successful bulk lubrication implementation have equipped the Shell team with the knowledge and expertise to fully cater for the customer in a safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner. 

According to Kobus Visser, Lubricants expert manager Shell Downstream South Africa, by supplying clean lubricants safely, quickly and accurately measured places the customer in a better operational position by eliminating breakdowns, shortening delivery times and letting the customer pay for only what was received.

“Based on Mercedes-Benz’ highly successful and trusted Actros range, the vehicle’s 4x4 ridged configuration and FRCP compliance and roadworthiness ensures ease of mine or operation access, and enables the vehicle to move between operations quickly and safely,” explains Visser. “Each are equipped with three grease tanks, which allows for three different products to be delivered at the same time, with each product being pumped through its own grease line into the machinery.”

Further, the high volume pumps ensure quick filling during short service intervals, while the self-contained hydraulic system delivers product independently of electricity or air supply. Shell grease trucks can fill unconstrained, thus saving time and quicker start-up of equipment

What gives Shell’s offerings an advantageous edge over competitors is that each line is metered, allowing the operator to accurately dispense the correct amount of lubricant. Thereafter, the operator is able to print a detailed delivery slip for the foreman, proving that the correct product and amount has been assigned. The customer is invoiced for individual product delivered with cost saving, measuring and accounting benefits. Moreover, customers receive service reports that include grease consumption data which assists them in planning, costing, and benchmarking.

Visser adds that not only is this delivery method the preference of customers, but provides the Shell LubeExpert team the opportunity to apply their skills and reduce the financial burden on the customers. The solution is backed and supported by Shell’s LubeExpert team, providing customers with the correct technical insights to ensure that their machinery has a prolonged lifespan and reduces the total cost of ownership. The qualified and experienced LubeExperts technicians are experts in fault finding, lubrication system optimisation, and general inspection, fully encapsulating Shell’s bulk grease offering. Further, he discloses that these services often lead to signed value saving records as testimony and acknowledgement by customers, further lending to the trust between Shell and its customers.

“At Shell we are passionate about customer service and the technological edge we have globally,” explains Anton Niemann GM Sales Commercial Lubricants Shell Downstream South Africa. “We are confident that by launching these new Grease trucks, we will not only improve our service once again to our mining and other customers, but also differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

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