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In support of the supply chain industry, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has once again partnered with SAPICS – this time the leading materials handling equipment supplier sponsored the ‘Corporate Educator of the Year’ award at the recently-ended Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards.     

Ronald Ryan Goscor Lift Truck Company Sales Manager with Candice from DSV SA 002

SAPICS’ Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards (SCMEEA) event occupies an important spot on the supply chain industry’s calendar. The SCMEEA event was established some 10 years ago to give recognition to individuals, organisations and learning institutions that have heeded the call of the skills shortage and have made a substantial contribution to skills development in the field of supply chain learning – a topic which is very close to GLTC’s own goals.

As a leading professional body for the supply chain management profession, SAPICS established SCMEEA to recognise individuals and organisations that have achieved operational excellence and improved business performance through education and training initiatives.

Debby Marx, Group Marketing Communications Manager at Goscor, says GLTC is very involved with the supply chain industry as it forms an integral part of its customer base. Thus, GLTC is closely affiliated to SAPICS to be able to add value to the supply chain management sector. At this year’s SCMEEA, hosted by SAPICS on the 7th of February in Midrand, Johannesburg, following last year’s postponement, GLTC was the proud sponsor of the ‘Corporate Educator of the Year’ award.

Explaining the reason behind GLTC’s sponsorship of this particular award, Marx says: “We chose to sponsor this award as it encompasses the heart of our business and is a true reflection of Goscor Lift Truck Company’s commitment to the industry and appreciation to other corporates and their young emerging talent,” she says.

The Corporate Educator of the Year award is extended to organisations which recognise the value and importance of supply chain management and actively educate and train their employees in this field. “The main criteria that the winning company was judged on was the investment in continued development of its people and being able to demonstrate continuous improvement and positive support and attitude to skills development in supply chain management,” explains Ronald Ryan, Sales Manager Gauteng at GLTC, who presented the award on behalf of GLTC.

GLTC has previously partnered with SAPICS on many of the association’s events. Last year, the materials handling equipment leader was the Bronze Sponsor of SAPICS 2018 conference. GLTC will be the Silver Sponsor of the SAPICS conference to be held in Cape Town, in June this year.

“Partnering with a large professional industry body like SAPICS has certainly leveraged our brand into the hearts and minds of our direct target markets. As leaders in the forklift and materials handling industry, we need to be supporting and encouraging development in all levels of the supply chain industry, from corporates to young professionals,” says Marx.

“We are committed to this country and its people. We want to remind the market that we have been around for over three decades, and we are still as solid as a rock and here to stay.  Leveraging the various SAPICS platforms has definitely helped us achieve this,” she adds.

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