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In a ground-breaking development, Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has rolled out an industry first, standard 5-year warranty on its Doosan 7 Series range of lift trucks. The new offering is said to be the longest ever warranty to be offered in the South African forklift industry. 

                           Darryl Shafto, MD of GLTC. 

GLTC Sales Director Patrick Barber says warranty is a valuable component of any capital equipment purchase, especially mission critical and big-ticket purchases such as lift trucks. “It assures equipment users that their funds are being spent on a trustworthy product and the supplier is committed to the health of the equipment for the long haul,” he says.

“The pertinent reasoning behind the extended warranty is the fact that the initial capital investment on these machines is very high. Therefore, to retain the value on the product, the warranty is a significant component of the product lifecycle,” says Barber.

“We have been supporting the Doosan product since 1994 and have come to trust the build quality of this Korean product. We have worked closely with our principal, Doosan, to develop a product that meets our local operating conditions and support it with a fitting warranty that gives customers the peace of mind they need, especially in these difficult operating conditions,” says Barber.

Barber also reasons that the extended warranty is a sign of service commitment from GLTC as the exclusive distributor of Doosan’s range of lift trucks in the southern African market. “The initiative is in the best interests of the end user. A longer product warranty gives customers extra coverage for their mission-critical assets, along with a little more peace of mind. From a supplier point of view, it means that we want to be there for our customers, and be involved in their businesses with a vested interest,” explains Barber.

Apart from the warranty, another key development is that GLTC has just become the only importer of capital goods in South Africa to attain a Level 3 B-BBEE status, effective March 2019. Barber says this is a proud moment for the company, which speaks to its transformational attitude.

“For such a big organisation, attaining a Level 3 B-BBEE status means that we have covered a lot of ground with regards to our transformational goals. We have done a lot when it comes to employ equity, enterprise development initiatives and corporate social investment, among other initiatives,” says Darryl Shafto, MD of GLTC.

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