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During July Siemens hosted a series of launch events to introduce the South African market to its next generation Sirius 3RW5 range of soft starters.

    Zameer Thayab and Craig Ryan demonstrate the Siemens soft starters at the launch.

This comprehensive range of devices ― developed especially for the soft starting of three-phase asynchronous motors ― enables efficient and future-proof machine concepts to be implemented easily and cost-effectively.

Siemens’ range of SIRIUS soft starters, with intelligent functions, offers a soft alternative for almost any application, from simple to sophisticated drive requirements such as heavy-duty starting. They enable you to start three-phase motors smoothly, easily, and efficiently and implement reliable machine concepts.

7800 08 sanftstarter 3rw55 visual 01 portfolio 180221 1 srgb high 1Furthermore, SIRIUS soft starters are the best solution when direct or star-delta starting doesn’t apply to three-phase motors, because problems can often arise due to mechanical impact in the machine or voltage drops in the line supply.

Scalable soft starter offering

Our soft starters are divided into the three categories; basic, general, and high performance, for easy to difficult starting processes. To make the additional functions of the SIRIUS 3RW52 and 3RW55 soft starters easier to use, the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) can be helpful for your engineering.


During these launch events, Siemens Energy Management also introduced the new Ring Main Unit 8DJHST (RMU), customised for South African market requirements. Click here to find out more.