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The BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer is a hassle-free, easy-to-use PC-based printer. It can print a full range of safety and facility labels and signs as well as die-cut labels for wire identification, product identification and laboratory identification.

Brady printer i3300 table WID app

The BradyPrinter i3300 is an easy-to-use industrial label printer.

With the BradyPrinter i3300, you can print a huge range of reliable labels and signs on site, in monocolour. More than 50 different Brady label materials are compatible with the BradyPrinter i3300.

Printed labels can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and include specialised solutions like ToughWash labels and ToughStripe floor marking.

The BradyPrinter i3300 prints on Brady's industrial grade labels that are designed to last in challenging conditions. All Brady labels have been tested in line with international ASTM test methods and technical data sheets are available for every material.

The BradyPrinter i3300 is easy to use and features auto-calibration and automatic label material setup. This enables the user to start printing signs and labels immediately. Switching to another label material is easy and quick as the printer's 'drop-in' label materials and matching ink ribbons can be switched out in less than 20 seconds. When the printer is used with Brady Workstation apps, a variety of sign and label design options become available.

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