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Aspasa is a well-known brand name and one that is synonymous with action on behalf of its members. However, its work in representing the industry to create a safe, sustainable, fair and level playing field has led to organisations outside of the quarrying industry requesting assistance and membership. As a result, it has taken the decision to act broadly for the entire opencast and related mining industries, wherever operations are similar and face similar challenges.

AspasaThe Association is therefore retaining the acronym only and will no longer be known as the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa.

Aspasa was founded in August 1990 by the country’s aggregate and sand producers with the sole purpose of self-regulating and representing the interests of their industry. Since then it has elevated the quarrying industry to become a leading figure within the local mining framework, attracting an increasing number of non-aggregate and sand-producing companies seeking the services of the Association. The decision to include other surface mine types under the Aspasa umbrella now gives those who have not previously been represented on formal mining stuctures, a strong and unequivocal voice. It also allows those with limited manpower access to an array of administrative, technical, compliance and skills development services.

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