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A welcome new addition to the Komatsu range of excavators is the PC700LC-8R SE, specifically introduced as a result of consultation with many operators engaged in the mining industry.

Initial reaction to the availability of the new 70 t dozer has been positive, as a Komatsu product to service this segment of the excavator market is seen as highly beneficial to both mine owners and contractors.

According to Sales and Marketing manager Toshi, discussions with customers revealed the need for this additional model to fill a perceived gap between the PC600 and the PC850. “We have introduced the PC700LC-8R SE in response to industry calls for a 70 t excavator that is seen as the ideal solution for moving large volumes of overburden,” he says, Ohtsuka adding that it has been positioned as a super earthmover capable of outperforming equivalent products in its class.

A key feature of this high-performance product is its bucket size, which delivers significant reductions in cycle times. The high capacity 4,0 m³ heavy-duty bucket enables the new excavator to fill a 40 t ADT in just six passes, which not only accelerates output but generates significant cost saving benefits to the operator.

Performance is an important part of the equation as is reliability. The local mining industry is a tough one and to meet its challenges Komatsu has developed a special version of the PC700 that is designed and sold for the global market.

All machines are supplied to heavy duty standards, and components like boom arms are reinforced with high tensile steel plates. Track roller guards are supplied as standard as are extra protection devices for operators, including front-screen grilles and additional steel cladding on the cab roof. An additional safety feature also supplied as standard is a rear-view monitoring system in the operator cab.

Another important aspect of the excavator’s design is that it shares a great deal of commonality of parts with the PC600 and PC850.

“The upper structure is very similar to the PC600 while the components used in the lower undercarriage are common to many related products. Another important aspect is that the power unit, the Komatsu SAA6D140E-5, is widely used in the country so it is well known to service staff,” Ohtsuka says, adding that comprehensive spares coverage is already in existence.

“It has to be added that the first two units to reach our shores are already hard at work in locations around Witbank, having been ordered by the customer as soon as he learned that a 70 t Komatsu was available. Service meters show that both products have already exceeded 1 600 working hours absolutely trouble free.”

Seeing is, of course, believing and Ohtsuka and his team are currently involved in the planning of product demonstrations at which existing and potential customers will be able to see the product for themselves. In the meantime, a healthy supply of the new PC700LC-8R SE is already on the water to be ready for mining in 2018.

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